Below are some of the key themes Slow Food Glasgow focuses on including a selection of events we’ve held with our partners. If you have ideas you’d like to see as events or you are an organisation looking to create a partnership for future events we would love to hear from you.

Celebrating food heritage

This is a very important topic for us because after all, we are what we eat! Food is the expression of a territory’s complexity and includes so many aspects of our culture. We focus, often under the input of the CCA, on creating events where we engage with the public by talking about food (and eat it!), touching different aspects like history, exchanges, traditions and recipes, worldwide.

Learning about food culture through the powerful medium of film

In collaboration with film festivals and directors we organise film screenings often followed by meals related to the content of the films. We think this is an amazing way to speak about food. A documentary or a drama can become the spark for conversation amongst friends or like minded people, coming together over a delicious and sustainable dinner.

We also have member and film director, Zev Robinson, who travels to interview producers and farmers all around the country. To learn more about his work see the link below.


Raising awareness and discussion surrounding food issues

Learn more about the Slow Food Youth Network’s global initiative on the difficult topic of food waste.

World Disco Soup Kitchen︎︎︎


Restaurants, growers, grocers and organisations all celebrating and promoting Scottish produce.

Friends of Slow Food Glasgow︎︎︎

Cataloging an extraordinary range of endangered heritage and traditional foods.

The Ark of Taste︎︎︎

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