A chef, some foragers, a brewer and some passionate foodies:
what do you get?

A f r e s h

first launched at The Ben Nevis Bar, Glasgow
25 April 2023

A collaboration between Slow Food Glasgow, Dookit Brewing, Peter McKenna, and foragers Indre Simkute and Amy Rankine.

Back in autumn 2022, we found ourselves nestled in the heart of Dookit Brewing, enveloped in a world of tempting aromas and stimulating conversation.

With the wind howling and rain drumming against the walls of the brewery, we delved deeper into the essence of what makes a beer truly extraordinary. And as we savoured his freshly brewed creations, anticipation brewed for what lay ahead – the promise of new beers, still in their infancy, fermenting slowly within the tanks and our minds.

A few days later, as the elements were still raging in Glasgow and the rain was tapping against the windows of a cosy pub, a trio of passionate minds gathered, fueled by dreams of Spring. Harry Weskin, the alchemist behind Dookit, Peter McKenna, the culinary maestro and founder of The Gannet, and Federico Lubrani, the conductor of Slow Food Glasgow, embarked on a mission: to craft a brew that encapsulated the essence of the changing seasons, leveraging the bounty of nature's offerings.

With the guidance of expert forager Amy Rankine and the creative touch of herbalist extraordinaire and illustrator Indre Simkute, our journey began. After passionate conversations and shared visions, an idea blossomed – an organic Extra Pale Ale, kissed by the delicate flavours of cleavers and sugar kelp.

Our experiments were a symphony of trial and error, leading us down paths of discovery and refinement.

We learned that in the art of brewing, less often proves to be more. The essence of our foraged treasures, carefully infused for just the right amount of time, revealed their secrets, imparting notes of freshness and delicate mineral whispers.

The seedlings of cleavers (or more lovingly known as sticky willy), with their crisp cucumber notes, danced harmoniously with the floral and limey embrace of New Zealand Wakatu hops. Yet, in the pursuit of balance, we tread lightly, ensuring that the fruitiness is never overwhelmed.

Enter sugar kelp, the ocean's gift, bringing to our blend a savoury depth and a silky, almost ethereal mouthfeel. Its umami essence blended with the grassy greenness of cleavers, elevating our brew to new heights.

And thus, Afresh was born – an ode to Spring. Each sip a journey through botanical gardens and coastal cliffs, a testament to the beauty of collaboration between people and nature.

Artwork by Indre Simkute

Now, reunited once more with the additional creativity of Lucy Watkins, we embark on the next chapter of this craft journey – the second edition of Afresh. But it's not just about the beer. It's about the connections forged and the friendships strengthened along the way. As we collaborate, we also cultivate a sense of community and belonging.

The second edition of Afresh will be launched in early May.

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