Bihar Dok 13: 
A cinematic journey into Basque Gastronomy

The Project Café 
04 May 2019

Photographs by Ingrid Mur

This was an event planned in collaboration with Cinemaattic Glasgow and The Slow Food Youth Network which brought the UK premier of Bihar Dok 13, a documentary investigating the links between Basque Cuisine and Basque Artists. It was a cinematic and gastronomic experience aiming to underline the role of food as a creative process: connecting people and places with their stories. The event included a full vegetarian Basque Dinner.


Photographs by Ingrid Mur


Intergenerational dialogue between chefs and Basque culture. This documentary investigates the links between the new basque cuisine revolution and key artists from Basque Country such as Oteiza or Chillida as well as musicians like Xabier Lete and Mikel Laboa, all part of the cultural group Gaur (Eldiario).

At the Basque Culinary Center (BCC), 5 young talented students of cutting-edge gastronomy from all over the world will go back to the past to create the menu Bihar Dok 13. They will travel to 1966 to discover the decade that would change everything in Basque culture. With five special events, we will discover the movements Gaur, Ez dok amairu and the spiritual father of the BCC, the Basque Nouvelle Cuisine.

The “Bihar dok amairu” menu prepared by young chefs (Chinese, Basque, Catalan, Mexican and Guatemalan chefs) will be served during a special meal and enjoyed by the most relevant personalities in Basque culture today, uniting new artists and musicians. The old generation will symbolically open the door to the new. A deep immersive journey with top chefs into some of Basque Country’s most prolific artists and creators in order to design the perfect Basque menu.

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