With thousands expected to descend on Glasgow for COP26, many will be looking for local places to dine and purchase healthy, conscious, and tasty food. But for many, coming to a new city means it’s a challenge to know where to go!

In a new collaboration with Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, we’ve decided to develop a Sustainable Food Directory to showcase the most sustainable food shops and places to eat in the city. The directory will include a map and provide details on the types of food each place offers, accompanied by an easily downloadable guide for offline use. During the main environmental conference of the year this is a great opportunity to showcase the wonderful food and services you have to offer.

Benefits of being included in the directory include:
- Recognition as one of the most sustainable places to eat/shop at in Glasgow
- Publicity opportunities with the launch of the directory
- Become part of the ‘Good Food Movement’ in Glasgow and link with Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, Slow Food Glasgow and their partners.

For a chance to be included, please submit your details by the 23rd September using the links below!

(we understand your time is precious so we’ve timed that this should only take about 5-10 minutes!) 

Form to be completed by Restaurants & Cafes
Form to be completed by Food Shops

Keep your eyes peeled as this page will form the basis of our directory, and drop us an email if you have any questions.


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