As our awareness for the climate increases, many of us are looking to support local businesses in dining and purchasing healthy, conscious (both environmentally and socially), and tasty food. The Glasgow Sustainable Food Directory has been created to help you easily locate the nearest sustainable food shop or venue in the area of Glasgow you find yourself in.

Welcome to the Glasgow Sustainable Food Directory! Developed in collaboration with the Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, the aim of the directory is to showcase the most sustainable food shops and places to eat in the city. In the ever-challenging climate—with both the environmental and the cost-of-living crisis present—this is a resource for visitors and residents alike to do their part in supporting the local economy and reducing their impact on the environment.

Using an interactive map, you’ll be able to move around the city and locate what’s nearby. You’ll then find detailed information about all of the directory members. Each edition is also be accompanied by an easily downloadable PDF version for offline use.

The directory is a great opportunity to join the forces of the most sustainable food Glasgow has to offer. We welcome food outlets of all types to get in touch about becoming a member. Information about applying to the third edition is below.


The Second Edition︎︎︎

Total venues: 7 food shops, 6 café’s & takeaways, 14 restaurants
Launched: June 2023

We want to acknowledge the increasingly challenging landscape all food and hospitality outlets are operating in at the moment. With several closures to our member venues–and even more across the city–it’s now more important than ever that we continue to support our small, independent food shops and eatieries. Glasgow’s food scene is unbelievably diverse, so let’s try to keep it that way.

Since the first edition, we’ve sadly had to say goodbye to the food shops Zero Waste Market, Society Zero, Seven One Seven Bungo, Locavore at The Project Café, Ecomart and Dig In Community Greengrocers (open until July 2023).

Some venues have been able to adapt. MILK is now a community space offering catering services, and Mayze now offer a speciality coffee bar catering to a wide range of events. Re:Store was to join us for the second edition, but since their application they’ve had to diversify in order to continue trading. Julie’s Kopitiam was also due to become a member, but has closed since.

About the process

We ask restaurants and shops about the origin and environmental sustainability of the food sold on their premises; as well as, questions about their impact on wider environment and community. Out of those who submit applications, the ones scoring 75% or above of the maximum points possible are successful.

We realise that the directory is not complete in its current form – several types of food and beverage providers might not fit into the food shop/restaurant/café categories, and that all the places in the city taking sustainability seriously might not be here yet. But we’re working on the marking criteria and we’re hoping to reach out to more (or all!) Glasgow food shops or restaurants for future editions.

We are a voluntary team and we do our best to contact as many as possible. If you feel there are venues which should be included please pass this on to them.

The Third Edition


The form should only take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Still undecided on whether to apply?

We’ve made our toolkit available for use by all as it’s important that every business is helped along their journey to becoming more sustainable. It’s a non-exhaustive list of resources and we welcome further additions. Please contact us if you have suggestions.

Benefits of being included in the directory include:

1 Recognition as one of the most sustainable places to eat/shop at in Glasgow

2 Publicity opportunities with the launch of each edition of the directory 

3 Become part of the Good Food Movement in Glasgow and link with Glasgow Food Policy Partnership, Slow Food Glasgow and their partners

4 Be able to learn from other businesses in the directory to help continue improving your environmental and social policies

5 Receive invites to sustainable food events and keep up to date with the latest development in Glasgow.

6 NEW You’ll also recieve a vinyl window sticker and be featured in an edition of riso-printed maps distributed across the city.

In the future, our team hopes to develop the directory further to include a Sustainable Food awards structure and accreditation. It’s a slow process, but watch this space!

If you’d like to speak to us about joining the third edition or anything else at all, please drop us an email. We’d absolutely love to hear from you.

The First Edition

Total venues: 8 food shops, 16 cafés & restaurants
Launched: October 2021

Ignited by the fire of COP26, the Glasgow Sustainable Food Directory was initially launched to help visitors of the city to navigate their way to the nearest climate-conscious food outlet. 33 venues applied in total and 24 met the criteria to become a member. After reviewing additional comments from the application process, we decided the directory could to do more than just list sustainable venues. The following year, we compiled the Sustainability Toolkit to offer outlets some tips on how to improve their social and environmental impact. We’re still developing this toolkit and identifying how best we can help our members. If there’s something you’d like to see the directory do please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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