teachers, film makers, photographers, tour guides, gastronomers, cooks, scientists, lecturers, consultants, engineers, artists, economists—
who will join us next?

“For me, Slow Food is being part of a community who are passionate about showcasing local producers, celebrating food traditions and strengthening the link between consumer and producer.”

Will you join us next?

Slow Food Glasgow is an eclectic combination of individuals and organisations who all posess a passion for good food, and what they have in common is a burning desire to make a difference.

Our mission is to counteract the rise of a fast life and combat people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat. We believe that by working together we can spread this message and gain everyone access to good, clean, fair food. By becoming a member of Slow Food you can help towards doing this. 

In order to become a member of Slow Food Glasgow you need to become a member of Slow Food UK. Follow the link below to become a member, selecting Glasgow in the registration process as your local convivium. This allows us to keep you updated with all the local activities.

“Everywhere I travel I find at least one inspiring person who is somehow related to the movement. When it happens, the conversation just flows. I see Slow Food as a multidisciplinary movement where people from the most diverse backgrounds all contribute to the conversation and spark ideas.”

Slow Food is a non-profit, member-supported organisation. Your annual subscription supports local activities right where you live, as well as those happening throughout the world. By becoming a member, you’ll recieve:

  • A digital and physical membership card
  • A limited edition Slow Food Snail pin badge
  • A digital Slow Food Annual Report (Italian or English)
  • Monthly international newsletters
  • Invitations to join initiatives organized around the world often with discounted tickets. This includes the Terra Madre Festival, an exciting annual festival celebrating the world’s most unique produce and specialities.
  • Endless possibilities for connecting to the global Slow Food network and learning more about what our planet has to offer!

“For me, being part of Slow Food is to enter into a personal agreement that you will advocate for good, clean and fair food for others as well as yourself. It exists to act as a network of inclusivity and communication about what sustainable eating can mean for all of us.”


If you’re a young person passionate about our food futures be sure to join this community of like-minded individuals!

The Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance are looking for cooks to join them in showing the public how to celebrate the incredible local and seasonal produce Scotland has to offer.

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