Taste Bud Time Machine:
a journey through Italy’s food

Eusebi Deli
10 October 2017

From the Romans to the modern day, guests were taken on a journey of Italian cuisine through art, trade, geography, accompanied by traditional dishes made with authentic ingredients and recipes.

Fruit Seller, Vincenzo Campi, 1578 - 81

Have you ever wondered how your favourite Italian recipes have developed since the time of ancient Rome to the present day? Can you imagine what ingredients and flavours the people living in the Italian peninsula cooked with and tasted throughout the ages?

Following the chronology of a series of important events throughout history, a special menu was developed to be served in parallel with the presentation in order to create a truly immersive and sensory experience. Each dish also highlighted seasonal ingredients sourced from both Scotland and Italy.


focaccia, EVOO and rosemary
pantesca salad

chestnut pappardelle
orange, fig and fennel salad
ox tongue
fresh tomato sugo fettuccine

The event was in collaboration with Eusebi’s Deli and Slow Food Youth Network Scotland as part of the running collaboration with CCA Glasgow’s Cooking Pot series. The principal aim of the series is to gather people from across Glasgow in order to enhance their awareness of food through creative engaging activities, screenings and pop-up meals.

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