Eating under fire: 
food in WWII

Do you have an Italian relative or know anyone living in Italy during WWII? Do you know how they survived? What they were eating? How did it compare to the situation in Britain?

Guests were invited to an evening of discovery, learning about the types of bread, coffee, tea and other food available in Italy and Britain during WWII. Firstly, historians introduced them to the food situation in both countries. In the second part of the event, a performance followed by readings of diaries and memoirs of people living in Italy and Britain during WWII, giving guests an idea of how people felt about food, their love for coffee/tea, and of their reactions towards wartime food control. British and Italian wartime recipes were made available together with information cards allowing guests to explore the topic further.

Slow Food Glasgow was invited to the Italian Cultural Institute Edinburgh which hosted AIRItalks, in association with the Italian Consulate and the Being Human Festival.

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