Savouring the Seven Seas:
a culinary journey through Europe’s food trade history

Eusebi Deli
23 January 2018

Have you ever wondered how our favourite ingredients arrived on our plate? Can you imagine what flavours the merchants brought to the Old World which changed our perception of eating? What stories surround these events?

Whilst enjoying several seasonal dishes prepared by Eusebi’s, guests we’re taken on a culinary journey around the world. They followed ancient trade routes and discovered how they transformed the way we eat today. With the help of maps and photographs, they discussed archaeology, art, religion, anthropology and, most importantly, food, unlocking secrets hidden in the stories of spices, crops and discovering where many of Europe’s favourite crops, fruits and vegetable came from originally.


winter cauliflower
ricotta gnocchi
genovese ditali with leek pesto
pinsa parmigiana
potato wedges, dill, garlic, rosemary

The event was in collaboration with Eusebi’s Deli and Slow Food Youth Network Scotland as part of the running collaboration with CCA Glasgow’s Cooking Pot series. The principal aim of the series is to gather people from across Glasgow in order to enhance their awareness of food through creative engaging activities, screenings and pop-up meals.

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