We organise activities, public engagement events and volunteer opportunities to encourage progressive thinking and innovation, and to foster confidence in people across Glasgow to make more sustainable food choices.

Our network also provides a fertile ground for people already working in the food sector, enhancing their voice and helping them to develop new and innovative ideas, businesses and collaborations that enable them to lead the way in developing a sustainable food future.

Our first official event was Slow Food Glasgow Launch night for #GrowGlasgow, back in 2016. It was an evening celebrating seasonal, Scottish produce and encouraging everyone across the city to grow in whatever space they had. Since then we’ve hosted many inspiring events and collaborated with some amazing organisations.

Alongside the several events dedicated to sourdough baking, fermentation, foraging, big tables and taste adventures, we have developed programmes in collaborations with friends of Slow Food Glasgow such as the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Slow Food Youth Network, the Cooks’ Alliance and film festivals.

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Supporting local producers using recipes from around the world.

A community of young people campaigning for positive changes to our food system.

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