A global network of more than 1,100 cooks coming together to celebrate local ingredients and produce.

The Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance is a network which unites cooks from restaurants, bistros and street kitchens from around the world. These cooks are all committed to defending biodiversity, traditional gastronomic skills and cultures, and supporting local food producers.

Cooks have a crucial role to play in safeguarding the biological and cultural diversity of our food. They provide a unique voice in interpreting local areas, celebrating artisan products with unique skill and creativity. This really helps to raise the profiles of these producers, encouraging the public to do what they can to support them.

When the cooks utilise local produce in their kitchens from the Ark of Taste as well as other local fruits, vegetables and cheesesthey are asked to add the names of the producers to their menus to give visibility to their important work.

Below you’ll see how Cooks’ Alliance  members in Glasgow are showcasing and celebrating Scottish produce.

Giovanna Eusebi

Eusebi’s Deli
152 Park Road

Eusebi’s homemade Ricotta is made using Mossgiel Organic Farm milk and is served with Puglian figs — the best of Italy and Scotland on a plate.

“The Cooks Alliance is for me a force of good to champion real food not fake food. To celebrate that small is great: the farmer, the fisherman, the baker and the cook!

Caring about what we eat and serve our guest against a worldwide backdrop of fast, anything-goes-to-make-a-profit food production, can often feel like we are in the minority. The Cooks’ Alliance offers an opportunity to connect with like minds and pull our resources for a greater good. It’s an opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and inspire to be the change one plate at a time.

As a restauranteur I am the final link to the consumer. The last opportunity to tell the story of the plate and sing the greatness of the producer. We do this not just on the menu but by educating all our team, (chefs and front of house) about the producer and most importantly taste test the difference.”


Peter McKenna

The Gannet
1155 Argyle Street

Previously on the menu at The Gannet: a dish showcasing sustainable halibut supplied by Gigha Halibut and a selection of vegetables grown by Greenheart Growers.

“After a lot of planning, I opened The Gannet with business partner Ivan Stein to critical acclaim, gathering a reputation as one of Glasgow’s leading restaurants, with a firm focus on seasonal Scottish produce developed links with local artisan producers and farmers. At the Gannet are constantly inspired by the Scottish larder, and I feel that we’re only just getting started.”


Sumayya Usmani

Author, educator, broadcaster and founder of
The Kaleyard Cook School & Kitchen

I never enjoyed raspberries until I moved to Scotland - this raspberry and pomegranate chutney is meant to be eaten fresh with pakoras, samosas or even a fish supper!

Pomegranate and Bramble chutney

1 punnet of brambles
½ pomegranate, deseeded
½ tsp freshly ground black peppercorns
½ tsp kalanamak
½ tsp dry-roasted cumin seeds
Juice of 1 lime
  1. Put the brambles and pomegranate into a bowl and crush them using the back of a fork until mushy and the juice from the pomegranate mixes with the crushed raspberries.
  2. Add the spices, salt and lime juice, and stir.
  3. Serve cold and eat within 24 hours.

“To me, being a member of the Cook’s Alliance means I am part of a group of passionate cooks and chefs that celebrate the natural larder of Scotland in their own unique way, with each one of us expressing our love for this land’s produce, influenced by our own experiences and heritage.

I also believe that we have the opportunity to support the wonderful producers in Scotland, and make them known to the general consumer. It is a great privilege to have, and we must use it well.”


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